A Celtic Florilegium

Studies in Memory of Brendan O Hehir

Kathryn A. Klar (Editor), Eve E. Sweetseer (Editor), Claire Thomas (Editor)


ISBN: 9780964244634
Publisher: Celtic Studies Publications
Volume: 2
Year of Publication: 1997
Binding: Hardback
Language: English
Pages: 226

Nineteen papers on early medieval Irish and Welsh texts. Contents include: St Patrick in Cornwall? The origin and transmission of Vita Tertia S. Patricii ( David Dumville ); Re-reading Dafydd ap Gwilym ( Patrick Ford ); The spoils of Annwn: Taliesin and material poetry ( Sarah Lynn Higley ); Aldfirth of Northumbria and the learning of a sapiens ( Colin Ireland ); Narrative openers and progress markers in Irish ( Proinsias Mac Cana ); The Hagiographic poetics of Canu Cadfan ( Catherine McKenna ); The introduction of alphabetic writing to Ireland ( Michael Richter ); Daring young men in their chariots ( Joseph Falaky Nagy ); The Celtic bard ( J. E. Caerwyn Williams).

Individual readers will identify favourite blooms, while being stimulated by many more in this Celtic Florilegium. (Máire ní Mhaonaigh 36 (1998), p. 110)