Exploring Celtic Origins

New ways forward in archaeology, linguistics and genetics

Edited by Barry Cunliffe & John T. Koch

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Publisher: Celtic Studies Publications
ISBN: 9781789250886, 9781789250893
Year of Publication: 2018
Binding: Digital Edition, Hardback
Language: English
Pages: 224

Exploring Celtic Origins is the fruit of collaborative work by researchers in archaeology, historical linguistics, and archaeogenetics over the past ten years. This team works towards the goal of a better understanding of the background in the Bronze Age and Beaker Period of the people who emerge as Celts and speakers of Celtic languages documented in the Iron Age and later times. Led by Sir Barry Cunliffe and John Koch, the contributors present multidisciplinary chapters in a lively user-friendly style, aimed at accessibility for workers in the other fields, as well as general readers. The collection stands as a pause to reflect on ways forward at the moment of intellectual history when the genome-wide sequencing of ancient DNA (a.k.a. ‘the archaeogenetic revolution’) has suddenly changed everything in the study of later European prehistory. How do we deal with what appears to be an irreversible breach in the barrier between science and the humanities? Exploring Celtic Origins includes colour maps and illustrations and annotated Further Reading for all chapters.

Table of contents

Maps, Illustrations, and Tables
1. Setting the scene   Barry Cunliffe
2. Celtic from the West meets linguistics and genetics   John T. Koch
3. A case of identity theft? Archaeogenetics, Beaker People, and Celtic origins    John T. Koch with Fernando Fernández Palacios
4. Connectivity in Atlantic Europe during the Bronze Age (2800–800 BC)   Kerri Cleary & Catriona Gibson
5. Chemistry and Bronze Age metals in Atlantic Europe: Flows of ideas and material   Peter Bray
6. Once upon a time in the West: The archaeogenetics of Celtic origins   Marina Silva, Katharina Dulias, Gonzalo Oteo-Garcia, Francesca Gandini, Ceiridwen Edwards, Maria Pala, Pedro Soares, James F. Wilson, & Martin B. Richards
7. A dialogue at the crossroads   Barry Cunliffe & John T. Koch
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