Moment of Earth

Poems and Essays in Honour of Jeremy Hooker

Christopher Meredith (Editor)


ISBN: 9781891271168
Publisher: Celtic Studies Publications
Volume: 14
Year of Publication: 2007
Binding: Paperback
Language: English
Pages: 314

A major new collection by leading contemporary English-language Welsh poets and literary scholars, including original poems by Gillian Clarke, Sheenagh Pugh, Tony Conran, Philip Gross, and Tony Curtis, essays by Wynn Thomas, Tony Brown, Jane Aaron, and Gavin Edwards, art history by Peter Lord. The 30 original contributions are thematically organized:

I. Earth and Words
II.Landscapes, Warscapes
III. Welsh Women Writers
IV. Literature and Art
V. Literature and Religion

Reading such critics recalls a rejoinder that Jeremy Hooker once made to me in an Aberystwyth pub: “I can tolerate a little mystery.” These contributions celebrate that in him, as much as the poetry and criticism he has given us. All the essays are refreshingly jargon-free. (Huw Lawrence, Planet 189 (June/Jul. 2008), p. 107)